Apple II series computers have a well-earned reputation for being durable and easy to repair — and because they were made in such high numbers, it’s still possible to scavenge most replacement parts for newer models without too much difficulty.

Still, as resilient as they are, vintage Apple II/II Plus computers will occasionally need repair or replacement parts. One of the most common is the keyboard encoder, the card that encodes data from the keyboard matrix and transfers it to the computer.

As reported back in December, 2006, Vince Briel of Briel Computers has been working on a replacement encoder that also features a PS/2 port! This item is obviously for Apple II and II Plus computers that have encoder-equipped keyboards, so it won’t work with the older, original Apple II keyboard (usually identified by the raised power light).

Vince only has a few of these boards available because it’s such a highly specialized item. If you want one, better contact him quickly as they will probably go fast. The replacement encoder is $29 USD without cable.

Update: This product is now known as the Super Encoder.