Mike posted via usenet comp.sys.apple2 a progress report on his Apple ][ Rev 0 recreation project, and hinted at possibly selling his extra boards off as kits. Mike’s announcement is attached, and we hope he’ll consider making more.

Hi Folks,

My Rev0 recreation project has had a major milestone as I received the first batch of 6 PCBs earlier this week. I have on hand, all parts, except the decals for the memory jumper blocks, which are on order, and Apple ROMs, which must come from a donor Apple II. I think that the boards look great. The only slight glitch, so far, is tight fit for the expansion slot connectors. I specified a hole size smaller than I should have. The fit is tight, but not impossible.

I’m in process of putting together the first one and it is going rather well. I have a link to a scan of the bare PCB on my recreation page.


I’ll be putting up some pictures of the assembly and bring up process as I go forward. I can’t wait to replace that flaky Rev 3 that currently resides in my Apple II with one of these brand new beauties.

I plan on keeping 2 boards and selling the extras. I am leaning towards selling them as kits, with all parts included to build up the motherboard, except the Apple ROMs. Part of the reason that I am leaning toward the kit approach, is the fun I’m having putting my first one together. Let me know what you think.

Mike Willegal