Courtesy Computerworld comes Babson Insight‘s interview with Steve Wozniak. The interview focuses on the design philosophies that led to his creation of the Apple II three decades ago:

Babson: How do you know when you have created a great new product?

SW: The key to creating great products is that they have to be easy to use… Reaching that point of greatness is very, very hard. I would say to people, “Here’s a list of all the things the product has to do in the end, or here’s a list of all the methods it has to have.” Then you have to think through all the functions, the user steps and the possible solutions. Then ask, “How can we combine things to make it easier with fewer steps?” It takes an awful long time to think that out and do it well. We’ve done that at Apple and in those few periods we really made things easy and changed the world.

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