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Children’s coloring book software for the IIGS

Michael “Polymorph” Stephens has written and released a coloring book program for the Apple IIGS featuring characters from a popular children’s cartoon. The program is freeware, with source code to be released shortly. Update: Beta 2 is now available, with enhancements/fixes: * fixed “no colour set on startup” bug * hopefully fixed the lockup bug […]

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Littlejohn Systems announces LittleProto II card

Littlejohn Systems has announced the LittleProto II, a prototype development card for the Apple II series. The LittleProto II features a insertion breadboard area for convenient, solderless connection of components and wiring. Developers can design and test prototypes much faster than with solder and wire-wrap style cards. Pricing wasn’t announced, but the LittleProto II will […]

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Apple II Quickies

One of my favorite├é Internet destinations├é to visit is The Mothership, a site dedicated to preserving Apple’s historical contributions to computing (and pop culture).├é One of the├é more intriguing├é pages on the site (for me) is the Advertising and Brochure Gallery├é which contains material all the way back to the Apple 1 and Apple II era, on up to more recent […]

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GSE-Reactive changes name, launches new site

GSE-Reactive is now New name, same great selection of peripheral add-ons for your Apple II. As previously announced, is expanding to offer products and services to other vintage retro-computing platforms and arcade enthusiasts. The old site will remain active until the transition to the new one is completed. Eventually, the old link will […]