One of my favorite Internet destinations to visit is The Mothership, a site dedicated to preserving Apple’s historical contributions to computing (and pop culture). One of the more intriguing pages on the site (for me) is the Advertising and Brochure Gallery which contains material all the way back to the Apple 1 and Apple II era, on up to more recent years. For example, check out the hard to find Apple ][+ Family System manual that was just added, circa 1981. Good stuff… wish I had one.

Making the semi-transportable Apple //c even more portable has been the goal of many Apple II retro-computing hobbyists. Dean Phares is the latest to achieve gaming nerdvana by interfacing a PSone portable playstation LCD to his //c. There might be a slight increase in demand for these displays on eBay now.

New hardware is coming soon for the Apple II. I can’t divulge anything specific but expect a few announcements from more than one vendor soon, maybe in time for the new year. Apple II Forever!