The LittlePower is an adapter card that lets you utilize a modern ATX power supply with your Apple IIGS, by providing the missing -5V line required by the Apple II. The LittlePower is designed to be used in conjunction with a specialized, small form factor 200 watt Mini-ATX power supply and external 12V AC adapter. The combination completely replaces the trusty but bulky Apple power supply.

Tweakers and hardware hackers should be excited by the potential projects they’ll now be able to accomplish with all the space available inside the IIGS case. Internal drives, cooling fans and other devices are now realistically possible because of the LittlePower/Mini-ATX combo’s super small form factor. Others may simply appreciate the availability of a heavy duty power supply for their IIGS, and the removal of a heat source.

As of now, pricing for the Littlepower hasn’t been established, but the cards have been built and they will be available soon exclusively through

Littlejohn Systems has provided A2Central with a pre-release LittlePower adapter for testing. As soon as our Mini-ATX power supply arrives, we’ll give it a complete going over.