David Schmidt announced via comp.sys.apple2 that he has released ADTPro 1.0.4.

ADTPro has been updated with some excellent contributions and some otherwise mundane bug fixes.

First, Gerard Putter’s code to do nibble and halftrack disk creation and transfer has been incorporated into the ADTPro server. Since research is actively going on in that area, the client to do the nibble extraction has only been incorporated into the (included) DOS ADT program, now bumped to version 2.2. Gerard and I collaborated to make a DOS ADT client that was compatible with the latest ADTPro server as well has his A2V2 transfer program, part of the Virtual ][ emulator running on OSX.

Importantly, the nibble read scheme isn’t nearly as tailorable as EDD/SST, so it isn’t as capable at capturing tricky disk encoding schemes. I’ll point you to related discussions going on in this newsgroup for more details. But I wanted to get the work that Gerard has done so far into the hands of more people to further the cause.

Another contribution came from Marc S. Reßl in the form of a more disciplined audio stream decoder. The result is more reliable (i.e. faster because of fewer retransmits) audio transfers. I also took his advice and implemented an audio device selector, but it was mooted by Apple finally fixing its OSX Java audio implementation in the mean time.

Other assorted bug fixes were in the audio area, better autodetection of IIc serial (anybody want to lend me their IIc+?) and fixed progressive backoff timing.