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Alex Freed releases new FPGApple

Alex Freed (FPGApple, Pseudo-Disk II) announced to comp.sys.apple2 that he has programmed a new version of FPGApple. Written in Verilog HDL and running on the Altera Cyclone II DE1 board, FPGApple is a soft computer; the entire Apple II architecture is simulated in software on a field-programmable gate array system. FPGApple can read NIB images […]

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The cat is almost out of the bag

Something cool for the Apple II community is coming. I’ve hinted around about this (and a few other things) in previous posts on A2Central and in podcast interviews I’ve been part of. All I can say for now, is that when this site finally goes live, it’s going to be very good news for Apple […]

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Luddite’s 64K Apple //e web server

Simon Williams, of 8-bit Sound & Fury has launched the first publicly accessible web server that I know of, running on a 1MHz 64K Apple //e using Contiki Web Server 2.0, an Uthernet card and a single floppy drive for storage. Simon warns the site is “finicky” (try reloading if you can’t access the site), […]