Apple II programming group Brutal Deluxe has released a new File System Translator (FST) for GS/OS 4.x that allows access to rDOS 3.3 disks. I’ve attached Antoine’s announcement (posted to comp.sys.apple2).

Dear All,

Brutal Deluxe Software is proud to announce the release of the first non-Apple File System Translator for GS/OS System 4.x: rDOS 3.3.

The rDOS 3.3 operating system is (c) Roland Gustafsson and has been widely used on SSI games.

You can now open those disks directly from the Finder or any other GS/OS environment. You can also copy their contents to a ProDOS disk. The rDOS 3.3 FST works with 16-sector disks only and comes with an updated version of the AppleDisk5.25 driver which allows you to handle original rDOS 3.3 disks as well as your backup disks.

The rDOS 3.3 FST does not handle rDOS 2.1 disks both 13- and 16-sector versions.

Please visit Brutal Deluxe’s web site at and visit the Products, Apple IIgs section.


Antoine Vignau & Olivier Zardini
Brutal Deluxe Software