In true Apple II hacker fashion, Littlejohn Systems has announced a few new products that are about to be released… and posted mysterious clues about others that won’t be released for a few months, or until KFest 2008.

First, we have confirmation that a version of the LittlePower is being made for the Apple IIe, II+ and II. The LittlePower line of adapters enable you to use an ATX power supply (either an internal mini-atx unit, or a big clunky external one) with your Apple II. Now, if Littlejohn were to design a functional and attractive replacement power supply for the Apple //c, I would be even more happy. I can say from personal experience that the LittlePower is a top-notch power accessory and it would be great if I could standardize all my Apple’s on the same AC adapter.

Also announced, a clone of the Applied Engineering dClock is almost finished. Finally! An internal clock for the memory expansion Apple //c that isn’t a giant pain in the posterior to install, like the <$&*@!> No Slot Clock is. Another advantage for the dClock over the NSC, is the inexpensive and easily replaceable battery. If the dClock can also be adapted for use in the //e, it’s bound to be a winner.

Now for the mysterious stuff — what is project ‘Gumdrop’? We won’t find out until KFest 2008. And, what is Project 6? I guess we’ll have to wait until the end of March 2008 to find that secret out. If Littlejohn’s previous projects are any indicator, they’re sure to be clever, practical and affordable.

Like Littlejohn’s other quality products, these new items will be available exclusively from soon.