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Juiced.GS Volume 13, Issue 1 now available

Juiced.GS Volume 13, Issue 1 (March 2008) shipped today to all subscribers. This issue features an interview with Dan Budiac, who bought an Apple IIc off eBay for $2,553; a review of the MicroDrive/Turbo card from; a retrospective on Peter Watson’s development of the popular MUG! NDA; the conclusion (for now) of Ewen Wannop‘s […]

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More 16 Sector riddles

Tony Diaz’s new site, 16 Sector has been updated; it contains new product silhouettes, hints and insider humor. The page title now reads “SCSI? Where we’re going, we don’t need SCSI.” and “The Vespa Lives! – But the Vespa is cold…” which for KansasFest attendees is an obvious reference to Carrington Vanston, of 1MHz! — Carrington rode […]

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Henry S. Courbis of sent me an e-mail about a new Transwarp GS upgrade service he’s about to roll out. Apparently, he has worked out all the voodoo to reliably upgrade most stock TWGS boards from 6.25Mhz/7MHz to a stable 18MHz, or even 18.75MHz (some make it, some don’t). The upgrade requires a processor […]