Arnim Sauerbier wrote in to share that he has ported LinApple to run on Nokia’s Linux-based Internet Tablets. Now he’s looking for high-quality audio samples of the Disk II performing various operations. Check out Arnim’s e-mail, attached below, and help him out if you can.

I am porting the ‘linapple’ Apple ][ emulator to Nokia (linux based) Internet Tablets (770, N800 and N810). It’s running quite well already, but I need to fix sound buffering problems before release.  It will appear at when ready.

What is lacking are good sounds of the original ][ floppy drive.  I would be very grateful if you could cast about for anyone who has high quality samples of the drive noises (seek, stutter etc). The samples I have obtained are unfortunately dominated by ambient room reflections.  The sounds should be close-miked with a high quality microphone/preamp and reflections from desk and walls should be minimized with pillows, acoustic foam or the like.

If you could provide any assistance, or publish or forward my request to Apple ][ owners this would be greatly appreciated.