Henry S. Courbis of ReactiveMicro.com has posted news that their clone of the Apple 3.5 “SuperDrive” Controller (pic) is now in beta testing, thanks to the support of the project’s investor Anthony Martino of UltimateApple2.com. As of the time of this post, pricing had not yet been announced, but a small production run is in the works, with product availability expected by KansasFest (mid-July).

The SuperDrive controller supports double density Apple 3.5 drives (not the UniDisk 3.5), and high density Apple SuperDrives which are commonly used on older 68K Macs. It is compatible with the Apple IIGS and enhanced Apple //e.

The Apple 3.5 Controller can be expensive, and somewhat difficult for the average Apple II user to acquire as they are uncommonly rare and coveted by Apple II power users. If ReactiveMicro’s cloning project is successful, more people will be able to utilize 3.5 drives, especially Apple //e users.

Congratulations to ReactiveMicro, and our thanks go out to Anthony Martino for backing the project.