R&D Automation has shipped their first batch of 25 (out of approximately 200) CFFA cards featuring the new v2.0 firmware. Included with it are a 16MB CF card, a flash application for upgrading (or downgrading) firmware and the manual on compact disc. The next batch of CFFA cards are expected to ship on May 12th, 2008.

Andy Buddenbaum of the Netherlands has put together a Flickr site showing off his Apple II collection. Check out the interesting case mods. [Link fixed]

The LittlePower IIe is now available from ReactiveMicro.com for a reasonable $35 USD.

While perusing Tom’s site for info on his Applesoft “lite” project, I noticed he has a few other nifty things to share. Take a look at his Apple II style audio for the Replica 1 using a modified version of Electric Duet, plus his impressive collection of old Apple DOS versions and vintage Apple cassette-ware.