Simon D. Williams has announced RetroChallenge 2008 will kick off on July 1st, 2008. It’s time for all you alpha-geeks to pull out your best hacks, and demonstrate your retrocomputing enthusiast credentials.

Simon’s announcement is attached.

Retrocomputing enthusiasts the World over are cordially invited to participate in the 2008 RetroChallenge, commencing July 1, 2008.

RetroChallenge is an opportunity for fans of “obsolete” platforms to spend a month pushing their retrocomputing limits in the company of like-minded geeks. Participants set their own goal(s) and typically keep the community apprised of progress via weblogs or on the Retro BBS.

Challenges are as unique as the individual RetroChallenger — in the past participants have programmed games; created music and video content; performed dangerous hardware hacks or simply spent a month trying to get an old computer to boot. RetroChallenge is not so much about competing, as it is about sharing.

Think of it as an on-line show-and-tell for RetroGeeks. Because the individual challenges are self-posed, the RetroChallenge is equally well-suited to hoary old wizards and tender newbies alike. It’s not about winning, but about *doing*.

RetroChallenge is open to *all* retrocomputing platforms. For the sake of simplicity (and to avoid the usual endless debate), the criteria for what constitutes a “retro system” is anything older than 10 years, though obviously the older the better.

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