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Alex Lukacz’s CHED project

Alex “Lukazi” Lukacz of Brisbane Australia wrote in to tell us about his CHED project. The purpose of CHED is to completely replace the floppy and hard disk drives with a disk image-based system featuring an LCD interface. Alex has posted a few entries detailing his progress on CHED and pictures too. Check them out, […]

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Juiced.GS Volume 13, Issue 2 now available

Juiced.GS Volume 13, Issue 2 (June 2008) shipped on Friday to all subscribers. This issue features an interview with Henry Courbis of; Em Maginnis’ review of ADTPro; a collective look at KansasFests past; a survey of disk copy protection methods by Antoine Vignau — and much, much more! This is Juiced.GS’s second issue of […]

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A2Unplugged show #0027 released

Ryan Suenaga presents A2Unplugged, show #0027. This episode is entitled “Marinetti Programming Primer” an introduction to coding TCP/IP aware applications using Marinetti on the Apple IIGS. A2Unplugged can be freely downloaded from the podcast’s web site, or subscribed to from the Apple iTunes store.