Vince Briel is taking orders for the updated Replica-1 TE (Third Edition). The latest Replica-1 revision offers a few new enhancements over the previous versions.

  • Apple 1 compatible 44 pin slot
  • Apple 1 compatible 44 pin edge connector
  • Bread board area for hobby experiments
  • Elimination of jumpers
  • Improved video display using Parallax Propeller (works with most TV’s and monitors)
  • No need for Apple 1 slot adapter because Apple 1 slot now onboard as well as original replica 1 connector
  • User firmware updates. User can download firmware updates and install. No need to send in for new chips.

The Replica-1 TE is available as a kit ($149 USD, 2 week ship) or assembled ($199 USD, 1 week ship). Peripherals such as the Slot 1 Adapter, Multi I/O Card and the CFFA1 are fully compatible with the new Replica-1 TE.

All we need now is a switchable ROM so we can toggle between Integer BASIC and Applesoft Lite.