Justin asks, “Do you know where there is a reliable business to buy aftermarket software for an Apple IIe Platinum class computer? I’m doing a little computer project for pure nostalgia reasons and I am looking for software to do wordprocessing, spreadsheet, repair and troubleshoot utilities, programs etc. for this type of computer.”

And, Phil wrote in, “I have an Apple IIgs, ROM 3. I bought a Applied Engineering 3.5” High Density Disk Drive several years ago, but did not get the drivers to use it as a high density drive on my IIgs. Are drivers available or is there a more recent “fix”? I also run a 5mb Profile (Apple also sold a 10mb & 20mb Profile, but has anyone ever seen or used one? And it worked with DOS 3.3, but it crashed and I lost all data. I have since bought another 5mb Profile that was blank, so I need the loader for DOS 3.3. Can you help please?”

How about it? Does anyone have any recommendations for Justin and Phil? Please post it here and help them out.

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  1. (16) Sector can offer AppleWorks 3.0 on disk only – for $12 including first class mailing. 3.5″ disk only, however. Syndicomm.com has mostly IIgs related software and Reactivemicro.com is a hardware haven. As for the other items, trouble shooting, diagnostics, etc- other than individual sellers on eBay or being left to your own devices on the Word Wild Web, there’s probably not a source for them in such capacity any longer.

    The ProFILE never supported DOS 3.3 in any official capacity. There were a number of ways to get around it, most notably for the ProFILE was a utility called ProFIX. As if it were ‘broke’ and needed fixing.

    There is a ROM upgrade for the ProFILE card for the IIgs, so that among other small things, the progress bar on loading works. Otherwise it sits at the beginning and just when it’s finished loading, it goes across and then Finder or whatever the startup application is set to, loads.

    On the AE FDHD drive, if you have a “Plus” drive it’s a 1.6MB and works off the SmartPort with a driver. If you have just an AE HD then it’s a 1.44MB and works with Apple’s driver when attached to the Apple SuperDrive card. These won’t work in any other capacity than 800K otherwise.

    The 5 and 10MB ProFILE models were the ones that were meant to stack on the Apple ///, the 20 Meg ProFILE was actually what became the Apple HD 20 for the Macintosh. With the change of interface to 20 pin the product name changed as well.

    I have all these drivers/utilities and can make them available via download.

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