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A2Unplugged show #0028 released

Ryan Suenaga presents A2Unplugged, show #0028. This episode is entitled “KansasFest 2008 Wrap Up”. Ryan sums up his recent experiences while attending KFest 2008. A2Unplugged can be freely downloaded from the podcast’s web site, or subscribed to from the Apple iTunes store.

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KFest 2008 – Saturday report

If it hasn’t sunk in by Friday night, you definitely feel it Saturday morning… a slight pang of disappointment that KFest is almost over. I’ve heard more than one person say that this year’s event seemed to fly by (as it always does). Most of us are exhausted from too little sleep but every person […]

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KFest 2008 – Friday report

Before the report, some overlooked housekeeping… During the keynote, Lane Roathe gave everyone who wanted one, a CD-ROM with a bunch of his old software, source code and other interesting stuff. I have Lane’s permission to share the contents of the disc with the world, so I copied everything into a ZIP file which you […]

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KFest 2008 – Thursday report

Thursday morning, I managed to roll out of bed in plenty of time for our first session. Steve Weyhrich shared how he has been digitizing valuable family videos and photographs using Photoshop Elements. Overall, very informative and appreciated information. Next up, Stavros Karatsoridis provided a beginner’s tutorial to the Apple II Monitor. Stavros has kindly […]

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A couple of Apple IIgs emulator updates

Two Apple IIgs emulator updates slipped under our radar. Richard Bennett-Forrest has ported his Florence emulator from Java–it’s now a Mac OS X native application. The version numbering was reset and presently stands at 1.0d2. Although not available for download, you can follow the progress on his site. KEGS-OSX 1.94 added support for Intel Macs. […]

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Apple II Quickies (7-20-08) UPDATED

We’re getting packed and ready to attend KansasFest this week. We’ll be providing daily updates as soon as the conference starts. In the meantime, here are some quickies… Jonno Downes released dsktool.rb 0.5.1, now with CP/M support. Blake Patterson of BYTECellar, one of the more interesting retrocomputing sites I follow (and personally recommend) tracked down […]

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Computist Project improved, archive now searchable

Em Maginnis has announced major improvements to the Computist Project. Brian Wiser has taken the archive scanned by Mike to the next level by re-cropping, color correcting and running the content through optical character recognition (OCR) making the Computist Project archives completely text-searchable. Mike scanned (with the original publisher’s permission) the entire run of Computist […]

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Reconstructing Apple-1 BASIC

Michael Steil has produced what he calls “the first confirmed perfect dump of the 4096 bytes” that constituted the BASIC that shipped with the original Apple-1 computer. This software was recovered after Steil received a copy — in MP3 format. From his blog: The Apple I is extremely rare. Only 200 were built, and less […]