We’re getting packed and ready to attend KansasFest this week. We’ll be providing daily updates as soon as the conference starts. In the meantime, here are some quickies… Jonno Downes released dsktool.rb 0.5.1, now with CP/M support. Blake Patterson of BYTECellar, one of the more interesting retrocomputing sites I follow (and personally recommend) tracked down and interviewed Demco Electronics President Darrell Hoblack. Hoblack is the creator of the Graphics Tool Kit, an advanced, high-end graphics card and software package for the Apple II that rivaled anything the Mac could do back in the day. Finally, Bill Buckels recently released MeToo! (download/PDF manual), a children’s word association program. Mike Willegal has posted info on a PS/2 keyboard interface (with serial option) that he has designed for the Apple II. There seem to be a lot of these kinds of adapters in development lately but this is the first one with a serial option I’ve seen, for monitoring what’s going on over the interface.