Em Maginnis has announced major improvements to the Computist Project. Brian Wiser has taken the archive scanned by Mike to the next level by re-cropping, color correcting and running the content through optical character recognition (OCR) making the Computist Project archives completely text-searchable.

Mike scanned (with the original publisher’s permission) the entire run of Computist to PDF a few years ago, and has since been distributing the content for FREE on DVD (and for download) to anyone who asks.

Computist is an immensely important collection of information; it covered many technical aspects of the Apple II, but it’s main focus was on copy-protection circumvention methods and other “underground” topics. It was equally popular with technical users, hackers and (gasp!) software pirates.

Personally, I hope anyone taking Mike up on his generous DVD offer is contributing a little pizza and beer money for all his hard work. Big THANKS to Mike and Brian for their contributions to the Apple II community!