Back in 01/07, we posted a story about Late Night BBS, a telnet-accessible Diversi-Dial system running on a Apple //e. Sadly, we’ve learned that Late Night BBS is no longer online.

Adam wrote in to let us know that Diversi-Dial lives on (in emulation at least), on two systems. Check out Adam’s Cult of the Old School site. CotOS is dedicated to pre-web technology, old and new BBS systems and other telcommunications mediums. On the CotOS site, there is a Diversi-Dial section, which lists a couple of active DDial systems.

Check out Savage Frontier (DDial #28) and DigitalDial (DDial #100). Both of these systems are running on emulated Apple II+ systems hosted on Linux. I logged on to the DigitalDial board and was immediately greeted and offered a pass on the system. If you’ve never used a DDial before (it had been 20+ years for me), connect to the system and hit return to get in as a guest. Use /? to see the available commands.