John Matthews has posted a new release candidate of AppleCommander, the Apple II disk image utility written in Java. Several new features and bug fixes have been announced:

  • Handle multiple disks on command-line for -i, -ls, -l, -ll.
  • Added lock, unlock and volume rename options.
  • Fixed broken links in web site; added guide to release candidate.
  • Fixed a bug in which 2IMG disks with optional comments were being misread.
  • Fixed a bug in which DosFormatDisk.getFiles() was iterating tracks instead of sectors.
  • Fix a bug in which file and volume names were truncated.
  • Added MS DOS script example to command line guide.

You can download the current release candidate, at:

You can check out the latest sources from CVS, at:

For more information, visit the AppleCommander home page on SourceForge.