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Apple II Quickies (09-26-08)

Apple II emulation has come to the 8-bit Atari, thanks to Piotr “Artax” Mejer. Read all about it (in Polish – use AltaVista to translate) here, and download it here (7-Zip file). Requires a real or emulated 8-bit Atari with 128KB. Might be fun for all you crossover retro-computists. Blake Patterson tweeted this out 10 […]

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New beta of AppleIIGo 2.0 released

AppleIIGo is an Apple ][ series emulator written in Java, programmed by Marc S. Ressl. The latest 2.0 beta (build 301) is available from the AppleIIGo Project Site. According to Marc, “This build implements an Apple IIc ROM 04 with two 5.25? disk drives, two UniDisk 3.5? disk drives, and two SmartPort hard disks. It […]

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Geoff Weiss releases MegaMemoryTester

First announced and demonstrated at KansasFest 2008, Geoff Weiss has now publicly released MegaMemoryTester (MMT) for the Apple IIGS. MMT features two test routines, one for testing individual bits for errors and another for verifying that memory maintains it’s contents persistently over a period of time. MMT was put through it’s paces during KFest on […]