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New Apple II sites

Dale Stewart wrote in to tell us about Apple II Downunder (, a site for Australian Apple II enthusiasts that features forums, online chat and more. According to Dale, “the aim of Apple II Downunder is to provide a meeting place for Aussie and international Apple II geek brethren to share ideas and all things […]

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Richard Garriott in space

A common question for old-school Apple II celebrities is, “Where are they now?” When that person is Richard Garriott, creator of the Ultima line of computer role-playing games, the answer is “217 miles up.” On October 12, 2008, Garriott boarded the Soyuz TMA-13 and launched to the International Space Station. The journey makes him the […]

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Random Access (10-16-08)

With the help of my friend and fellow Apple II user James Littlejohn, I’ve finally been going through my collection of Apple II and Macintosh gear. I knew I had a lot of stuff — too much stuff actually. It’s often been a source of friction at times with my Wife. I’ve had gear strewn […]

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Site news (10-16-08)

After a great deal of consideration and advice from friends in the community (thanks everyone), I’ve decided not to add commercial advertising to the A2Central site. I’ve added a PayPal “Donate” link instead. The recent poll on the matter showed there is support (tolerance?) for advertising from the community but I just didn’t want my […]