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Get Lamp launches its own blog

Jason Scott, creator of BBS: The Documentary, recently created a blog dedicated to his latest project, a documentary of text adventures. The new site, “Taking Inventory“, is “a weblog related to the production of the documentary Get Lamp and the general subject of interactive fiction.” A trailer for this film’s pending release is also available.

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Apple II Quickies (11-22-08)

Glenn Jones has posted an update to his workbench blog and talks about his progress designing the next generation Uthernet adapter. Kudos to Glenn for keeping Ethernet on the Apple II alive. There is buzz on usenet comp.sys.apple2 about a clone of the Applicard being developed. The Applicard is generally considered to be the best, […]

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Jonno Downes releases peekbot

Building on the success of dsktool.rb, Jonno has released “peekbot”, a web-based proxy viewer for vintage computing disk images. With peekbot, you can view the contents of supported disk images from within your web browser. Jonno’s complete announcement as posted to comp.sys.apple2 is attached.

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Uthernet backorders to ship soon

Glenn Jones has updated his workbench blog with mixed news. On the upside, Glenn has received sufficient component inventory which will soon allow him to ship out the backlog of Uthernet orders he has. The bad news is that the popular Uthernet card, as we know it, may be coming to an end. Fortunately, Glenn […]

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KansasFest web site relaunched

KansasFest, the world’s only annual Apple II computer convention, has launched a redesigned Web site. The event’s online presence has not only a new look, but also plenty of added functionality, including RSS and Twitter feeds, an updated photo gallery, and an exhaustive file archive from past KFests. Head over to for the full […]