Now you can sprinkle a little Apple II in everything you do:

Rebecca Gabriella Bettencourt brings what are billed as the “World’s most complete Apple II text font, in TrueType format”

In addition to the standard 40/80 column Apple II screen text, a TrueType version of the Apple IIgs system font, Shaston has also been released. Shaston is available in 320 and 640 mode aspect ratios in keeping with the text screen font being available in both 40 and 80 column modes.

The web page has a lot more about the font sets than I can begin to describe.

While this is not the first release over the years of an Apple II system font, this one is the most complete set. Some many years back I desired to have the KFest materials printed with some Apple II highlights and set out to create enough of a character set to do that after finding one that only worked on the screen. Creating fonts requires painstaking attention to detail and that shows with this release.

This release works where ever TrueType fonts are supported. Imagine using the Apple II screen font on the IIgs with Pointless. Oh, the irony … ironed out, finally!