According to a post on comp.sys.apple2 by Warren Ernst, the entire Beagle Bros. TimeOut series of AppleWorks enhancements has been reclassified as freeware and will eventually be posted to the Beagle Bros Software Repository.

Warren deserves credit for running down the reclassification of these titles, and we extend our thanks on behalf of a grateful Apple II Community.

UPDATE: I’ve received an e-mail from Howard Katz, who previously headed the Lost Classics Project. Apparently, Howard secured freeware status for the TimeOut series and many other Beagle Bros. applications years ago and had them posted to the GNO Apple II Archive (formerly known as Trenco). I was not aware of this. In fairness, Howard Katz should be credited for the initial reclassification.

I don’t feel this detracts from Warren’s efforts; because of him we have confirmation of the software’s freeware status and the entire TO series will be united with the rest of the Beagle Bros. catalog on the BBSR.