Juiced.GS V13I4

Volume 13, Issue 4 (December 2008) of Juiced.GS, the last remaining Apple II publication in print, shipped today to all subscribers. This issue features an interview with Ben Heckendorn, creator of the laptop Apple IIGS; a review of Dungeons and Desktops, a history of computer role-playing games; a how-to for converting MOD music files to MP3 format; the conclusion of Antoine Vignau‘s dissection of copy protection schemes; and much, much more!

This is Juiced.GS‘s fourth and final quarterly issue of 2008. The complete volume is now available at the discounted rate of $16, while 2009 subscriptions are being accepted at $19 for United States customers and $26 for international customers.

Editor & publisher of Juiced.GS, the Apple II community's longest-running print publication dedicated to the Apple II; co-host of the Star Trek podcast Transporter Lock; digital nomad at Roadbits.