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Alex Freed’s AppliCard clone project

Alex Freed has created a modernized clone of the PCPI AppliCard (also distributed as the Franklin ACE-80 and MicroPro StarCard) and released it as a free, open project. The original AppliCard is a popular peripheral; it is generally considered by most Apple II CP/M enthusiasts as being one of the most capable Z80 cards ever […]

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Macintosh turns 25

You’ve probably seen or heard it somewhere in the media recently, Macintosh turned 25 years old today. They’re saying the Mac is the computer that revolutionized microcomputing… but I would argue otherwise. I think we all know it was really the Apple II that kicked off the microcomputer revolution. Still, the Mac quickly replaced the […]

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VGA interface for 8-bit Apple II update

Back in April and July of 2008, and again during KansasFest we posted exciting news about Ferdinand Meyer-Hermann’s VGA project. Ferdinand has since been collaborating with ReactiveMicro, leading to design and specification enhancements that have delayed the card. The news isn’t all bad, the VGA card is anticipated to work with practically any 8-bit Apple […]

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Digisoft Innovations announces Golden Grail 1.0

Bill Martens of Call-A.P.P.L.E. announced the immediate availability of Digisoft’s Golden Grail CD, an updated collection of Apple II software originating from the Golden Orchard project. Bill’s announcement (sans version and production notes) follows: DigiSoft Innovations Releases Golden Grail 1.0 The latest Apple IIgs version of the popular Golden Orchard Series CD’s has been released. […]