Alex Freed has created a modernized clone of the PCPI AppliCard (also distributed as the Franklin ACE-80 and MicroPro StarCard) and released it as a free, open project.

The original AppliCard is a popular peripheral; it is generally considered by most Apple II CP/M enthusiasts as being one of the most capable Z80 cards ever released. Not only was it the fastest Z80 card for the Apple II (at 6MHz, faster than many dedicated Z80 computers of the era), it was also expandable with RAM and serial port options. Freed’s card runs at 10MHz (or even faster with a higher frequency oscillator) and also features potential expansion possibilities.

Alex has already sold a few do-it-yourself kits to other enthusiasts, but has enough parts left over for 6 or 7 cards at $50 USD each. Assembled boards are $100 USD. If you are a CP/M junkie, or just alternate OS curious, Freed’s CP/M card might be just the thing for you — and it might even be easier to get than an original AppliCard.