Kelvin Sherlock has been developing new Java-based developer tools for the Apple IIgs. These projects have been in work for some time now, but aren’t getting as much attention as they might deserve. They’re open source projects, all hosted on Google Code.

First, there’s his 6502/65C02/65816 assembler. The project’s goal is to support ORCA/M syntax, with an eventual goal of offering support for Merlin and MPW IIgs syntax as well. The code can be checked out at

This relies on the Java OMF (Object Module Format) library Kelvin has created. This library provides routines allowing projects to read and write OMF format files. OMF is the file format used for executable code files on the Apple IIgs, including applications, desk accessories, extensions, and so forth. This project is located at

Finally, tying everything together, is Kelvin’s OMF linker. The linker turns object files built using the assembler into executable Apple IIgs programs. Its URL is

Hopefully these tools will evolve and become a key component of any Apple II developer’s toolbox.

Thanks to Sheppy for writing this post.