More good news from Call-A.P.P.L.E. today. Bill Martens posted via Twitter that an update to the Virtual Apple ][ online disk archive site is imminent (version 4.0 is expected sometime today).

Seattle Omniworks Releases Virtual Apple ][ Version 4.0 – Latest update to the Virtual Apple site supports Macs and other platforms on the Apple ][ section.

Seattle, Wa. — 13 January 2009 — Seattle Omniworks, Inc. is proud to finally announce the long awaited update to the Virtual Apple ][ online Apple II and IIgs emulation system. Virtual Apple ][ version 4.0 is the result of many months of work on the part of several people, making the site available on all platforms that support Java.

In our chase to get support for all platforms for our website, we decided to use the open source AppleIIGo emulator and Nick Westgate worked closely with us to update the available version of the emulator to provide both near perfect sound and to fix issues with putting the emulator online.

Both of these items were successful and there were other fixes to the emulator such as multi-disk capability, hot disk swapping, and zipped disk immage support, which meant that the only thing left once the program was ready, was to re-write The Library generator which produces the Virtual Apple website.

Now with all of these tasks completed, the emulator is online, playable and the focus will now change on the website from the emulation side to the programs side. We have over 15,000 abandonware and public domain programs that will eventually come available on the website making it the worlds largest online playable software repository. Manuals for the applications will also be added for those programs still missing documentation.

For more information about the website or to play the games, you can go to the Virtual Apple ][ website at