David Schmidt announced an update to ADTPro via comp.sys.apple2 yesterday. David’s post is attached:

ADTPro is a feature-rich communications platform for exchanging disks and disk images between Apple II and Apple /// family computers and the modern world.

Version 1.1.2 doesn’t really have anything Earth-shatteringly new in it, but some bug fixes have accumulated over time and deserve to see the light of day. See:


New functionality:

  • [DOS ADT Client] The included DOS ADT client, now at version 2.3, that automatically detects the Apple ///’s built-in serial port

Bug fixes:

  • [Client] Formatting a disk no longer invalidates the entire drive list cache, eliminating the need to re-scan all drives; thanks to hackerb9 for the impetus to fix it
  • [Client] Comms devices weren’t being detected in the last slot (one of those off-by-one counting problems)
  • [Client] Apple /// Grub bootstrapper was using an uninitialized register in an alarming, but seemingly predictable, manner; initialize it for safety
  • [Client] Simplified UDP timeout processing after consultation with MagerValp, author if IP65