Michael Mahon announced the exciting new release of NadaNet 3.0 via Usenet newsgroup comp.sys.apple2 yesterday. Michael’s post is quoted below:

NadaNet 3.0 is now released and available on my website:


The site contains object, listings, and source of everything, and a bunch of “papers” on NadaNet, AppleCrates, and various tools, in addition to the previous content.

The web site has been extensively revised to make it all consistent with the new NadaNet 3.0 release. (Note that the change from 2.x to 3.x signals that all machines on a NadaNet must be updated for interoperability.)

The major changes in NadaNet 3.0 (from NadaNet 2.1) are:

  • The new control packet format provides *guaranteed* collision detection. (This is what breaks “compatibility on the wire” with NadaNet 2.1.)
  • The &BOOTCODE command is replaced by &BOOT, supporting only “passive boot” of AppleCrates (This means that pre-NadaNet 2.1 boot ROMs are no longer supported.)
  • A new &BCAST command supports broadcasting data to multiple machines.
  • New &BRUN and &RUN commands simplify running programs remotely.
  • New versions of most utility programs take advantage of new commands. In particular the new &BCAST capability, that allows code and data to be transmitted to slave machines very rapidly:
  • – A new BPRUN broadcasts the BASIC program to all slaves.
    – A new CRATE.SYNTH broadcasts voices and the SYNTH program.
  • A new ATTACH program provides remote “console” for slave machines without requiring a Message Server–very useful for debugging.