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Beagle Bros Software Repository updated

Bill Marten’s of Call-A.P.P.L.E. wrote in with the following update: The Beagle Bros Software Repository has been updated. ( Thanks to the contributions by Brian Wiser, we are now able to offer a new graphics section; Beagle Bros Graphics 4 which is a compilation of many of the graphics that appeared in ads in Nibble […]

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Juiced.GS Volume 14, Issue 1 now available

Volume 14, Issue 1 (March 2009) of Juiced.GS, the last remaining Apple II publication in print, shipped today to all subscribers. This issue features an interview with Michael J. Mahon, inventor of the NadaNet and AppleCrate; Kelvin Sherlock’s look at how he developed ProFUSE; Eric Shepherd’s review of several Apple II-inspired iPhone games; Stavros Karatsoridis’s […]

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Retr0bright restores vintage computer plastics

The retrocomputing community is buzzing about Retr0bright, a newly developed method for restoring discolored plastic (an effect commonly referred to as “yellowing”) to their former pristine condition. The yellowing of ABS plastic was thought to be permanent, and speculated by many to be the result of the exposure to sunlight or florescent lighting. Cases that […]