Brendan Robert has announced Apple Game Server 3.0 RC1 is now available for download and testing. Apple Game Server is a Java application (v1.5) that hosts disk images on a PC or Mac, and serves them to an Apple II via serial cable. Brendan’s announcement is attached:


With tons of help from Nick (Westgate), I am close to putting the lid on the final 3.0 release of the game server.

Remaining to-dos:

– Provide ability to swap out disk images (close, just not done yet)
– Finish adding descriptions and screenshots for list of games
– Disk write support


– Limited disk emulation (supports a few disk-based games, and dos 3.3 images)
– Support for all apple ][ models (requires at least 64kb, might work with 48kb but not tested)
– New launcher GUI
– New game selector menu, uses both hires pages
– Advanced game search
– Game information with screenshots
– On-the-fly compression of graphics data using packbits-based scheme
– All sorts of goodies on the small scale of things

To use, download the release and uncompress. Change to the release directory (the one with dist, src, lib, etc). Use “java -jar dist/ags.jar” to start. It is imperative that you launch with the current directory as the main directory, not the “dist” directory for path reasons. Edit settings to set your apple settings. Note that “port” refers to TCP/IP port as well as COM port. Hostname only applies to TCP/IP. You will probably need to flip over to the second tab to locate the rxtxcomm.dll (or whatever library file is appropriate for your OS version).