Jonno Downes is soliciting feedback from anyone interested in a KansasFest-like event, to be held in Australia (specifically in scenic Katoomba NSW, west of Sydney) over the weekend of July 24-26. If interested, contact Jonno on usenet newsgroup comp.sys.apple2 for further details.

Jonno’s post is attached.


Anyone aussies here interested in a meetup around the K-fest weekend (July 24-26)?

I’m thinking something pretty low key – a few hours of demos & talks plus a dinner. Plus maybe a picnic lunch for the kids. Location would be somewhere in Katoomba (in the Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney), on the basis that:

1) it starts with a “K”
2) it’s where I live, so easy for me to organise
3) about 90 minutes drive (or 2 hrs by train) from Sydney – close
enough to do a round trip in a day, far enough to justify a weekend away for those so inclined.
4) plenty of accomodation options and activities for kids and partners

Post here (comp.sys.apple2) if you’d be interested in attending or presenting at such an event.