Ken Gates needs help with his cranky SCSI drive.

Hi, I still use my Apple IIe with a Q-Drive hard disk. I run AppleWorks and keep a super large list of movies on the drive, as I’m a movie buff. I’ve recently been having hangup on the hard drive. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot it and/or use some of my old programs to test it, but so far I’ve had no luck in locating the problem. Is there any program that I could use to lock out bad sectors? Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated. I assume that no one makes a hard drive that I could use with my IIe! I’m running a SCSI card out of slot 7 to the Q-Drive.

Ken, the first thing I recommend is to verify you have a good backup! If you don’t, backup what you can… and if you are experiencing data loss, you might take a look at the late Glen Bredon’s ProSel Utilities (now freeware) and see if you can recover anything. ProSel 8 (for 8-bit Apples) is available HERE courtesy of

As for a hard drive replacement, several options exist — take a look at the various compact flash drives available from 16 Sector (Focus $99), R&D Automation (CFFA – sold out, check eBay) and ReactiveMicro (MicroDrive $135). A CF card hard drive is probably the most versatile storage solution for the Apple II.

If anyone else has additional advice for Ken, please post a comment here or write him at: kengates at comcast dot com — semi-obfuscated, so we don’t send the spambots Ken’s way.

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