Juiced.GS, the last remaining print publication dedicated to the Apple II, today unveiled a redesigned Web site. Among the new features are a cover gallery showcasing all the magazine’s 52 issues to date.

The Web site’s offering of free sample content has also expanded to include two previously published issues in their entirety: Volume 6, Issues 3 (November 2001) and 4 (February 2002). These are the only two issues not previously available in digital form as part of the “Friends for Life” compilation CDs. You can now complete your collection with these free PDFs, which Syndicomm will soon be adding to their “Friends for Life II” product.

Editor & publisher of Juiced.GS, the Apple II community's longest-running print publication dedicated to the Apple II; co-host of the Star Trek podcast Transporter Lock; digital nomad at Roadbits.