Well, it SHOULD be obvious, but this also was an April Fools post.

In a move to be more competitive with big chain store Apple II software distributors, Eric “Sheppy” Shepherd has announced Syndicomm will soon offer a ‘pick up now’ option in their online store. “It will more or less be similar to the ‘pick up now’ checkout options offered on the Best Buy and Target web sites,” said Mr. Shepherd, “…but ours will be better, as it will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Sheppy went on to describe how customers will be able to use the Syndicomm site to check inventory, select products and then choose the ‘pick up now’ option at checkout. “It’s really quite simple, when the customer opts to pick up their order, they’ll be prompted to call ahead. I’ll have their order ready for pickup, usually within 20 minutes if the damn laser printer cooperates. I’ve even knocked out and remodeled an entire wall, just so I could offer a convenient inbuilt drive-thru window. And if it’s an after hours order, that won’t be a problem — I’ll leave the porch light on and a key under the welcome mat. The customer can let themselves in to my office, and print out their own disk labels and product manuals.”

When asked about these changes, Sheppy said customer support and timeliness in product and service delivery were strategic to Syndicomm’s long term survival. “In today’s economy, all Apple II distributors are struggling to earn business and make a profit… and we’re always considering innovative new ways to keep our customers happy, and coming back. We’re in this business for the long haul, and plan to be around when all the other Apple II software distributors are long gone.”