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Oz KFest registration opens

Registration for Mt. Kiera Fest, the Australian gathering of Apple II enthusiasts on July 24-26, is now open. More information and a registration form are available on the website: People intending to participate are encouraged to return their registration forms as soon as possible so accommodation options can be secured.

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RetroChallenge 2009

Simon D. Williams announced it’s time for RetroChallenge 2009! Let’s make sure the Apple II Community is well represented this year. Attention all retrocomputing enthusiasts! RetroChallenge 2009 is officially slated to run from July 1st to 31st, 2009. RetroChallenge is a fairly informal “contest” whose sole aim is to encourage owners of obsolete systems to […]

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KFest 2009 session update

With just under six weeks until Xanadu, er, I mean KFest, it’s time to put out another appeal for sessions! The session list is growing nicely (see below) but we certainly need more. If you are registered or thinking of registering we hope you can share your Apple II knowledge with the rest of us. […]