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Syndicomm releases APDA Reference and Software Library discs

As was announced at KansasFest and elsewhere, Syndicomm has published their entire library of licensed Apple Programmers and Developers Association (APDA) books and software on CD. This collection constitutes the bulk of Apple Computer’s public, sanctioned reference material for the Apple II series. For years, most of this material was only available in print — […]

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Apple II Quickies (08-18-09)

Rob Janoff, creator of the original, rainbow Apple logo (introduced during the rollout of the Apple II) dispels many an urban legend as he tells the real story of how this iconic symbol came into existence. Old, new news… Rich Dreher posted a prototype PCB of the next generation CFFA card, codenamed “CFFA3000“. In addition […]

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KansasFest media galore

Couldn’t make it to KansasFest 2009? The event’s Web site offers plenty of media through which you can vicariously experience KFest for yourself. The photo gallery has pictures and YouTube videos, while the newly redesigned file archive stores sessions, flyers, handouts, and logos from the last 14 years of KFest in an easy-to-sort format. KFest […]

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Sweet16 2.1.1 released

Hot on the heels of the official Sweet16 2.0 release during KansasFest, Eric “Sheppy” Shepherd has steadily been working on bug fixes and feature tweaks culminating in today’s latest 2.1.1 release. Sweet16 is the premier Apple IIGS emulator for Mac OS X (requires 10.4 or later), and is freely available from the SheppyWare web site. […]