Rob Janoff, creator of the original, rainbow Apple logo (introduced during the rollout of the Apple II) dispels many an urban legend as he tells the real story of how this iconic symbol came into existence.

Old, new news… Rich Dreher posted a prototype PCB of the next generation CFFA card, codenamed “CFFA3000“. In addition to being a compact flash adapter (possibly with DMA support), Rich is planning to implement a USB interface for loading floppy disk and hard drive images into the Apple II. Calling it the “CFFA2” seems predictable, but “CFFA2Central” rolls well. Just kidding, Rich. ?

Just after KFest, one of our favorite sites, What Is the Apple IIGS got a CMS makeover which features new search capabilities and other enhancements.

We were hoping to have coverage from MtKeiraFest, but unfortunately, some whacker stole our volunteer correspondent’s MacBook with all his content. Hopefully Matt Jenkins will get it back, safe and sound.