Couldn’t make it to KansasFest 2009? The event’s Web site offers plenty of media through which you can vicariously experience KFest for yourself. The photo gallery has pictures and YouTube videos, while the newly redesigned file archive stores sessions, flyers, handouts, and logos from the last 14 years of KFest in an easy-to-sort format.

KFest media is even being featured in mainstream news outlets. Vince Briel, creator of the Replica 1, hosted a KFest workshop to help attendees assemble their own working Apple-1 machines. This class was photographed and documented in a image gallery.

Of course, there’s nothing like attending KansasFest for yourself. Sign up for their official news feed, the discussion mailing list, or the KansasFest Twitter feed to be the first to get news about future opportunities to celebrate the Apple II!

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