An updated Sweet16 (Apple IIGS emulator for Mac OS X) has been posted. Sheppy’s announcement is attached:

I’ve just released Sweet16 2.1.2 (Edit: 2.1.3 released). It fixes a couple of bugs and is a worthwhile upgrade for pretty much anyone.


  • Fixed several errors in the French keyboard support.
  • Creating any size disk image, including floppy disk sizes, now has the same speed improvement that hard disk image creation received in Sweet16 2.1.1
  • Removed an obsolete error message.
  • Fixed an error message that was coming up blank when trying to create an invalidly-sized DiskCopy 4.2 image.
  • The disk image size now tracks correctly in the “Create Disk Image” window, so the size you get actually matches the size you picked all the time; there were cases in which that wouldn’t necessarily be the case.
  • Edit: 2.1.3 is now out. Changes in this version:
  • Adjusted the CPU emulation loop, resunting in a substantial emulated IIgs speed increase, especially on PowerPC.
  • Fixed the CPU speed control feature to work on PowerPC.
  • Rewrote the Recent Disks menu code to only show the names of the disk image files, instead of full URLs, in the Recent Disks submenu.
  • The Control-H keystroke no longer resets the emulated Apple IIgs. Oops.
  • Removed some stray debug output.