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First look at the iDisk for Apple II

Antoine Vignau of Brutal Deluxe was the first person to purchase a iDisk for Apple II and he’s kindly sent us several pictures and a short write-up on it. The announcement on comp.sys.apple2 of the availability of the iDisk card for the Apple II, the first dual USB Bluetooth/Disk controller/Disk image archive for our platform, […]

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Carte Blanche getting sound, USB add-ons

AppleLogic has announced new add-ons for the Carte Blanche card. First, the CB Audio/Visual card (CBAV) is a Delta-Sigma stereo adapter that connects in-line between the Carte Blanche VGA port and your display. It does this by using the SDA and SCL lines which normally are not utilized. With the CBAV, the Carte Blanche may […]

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bootZero HDDD A2 adapter now available

Bulgarian Apple II vendor is now selling the HDDD A2 3.5 Disk ][ replacement adapter on eBay. As of this post, three options are available: a deluxe HDDD A2 kit including adapter, 3.5 disk drive, IDC20 and DB19 cables for interfacing via Disk II controller or smartport, power leads, a box of diskettes and […]

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cc65 2.13.0 released

Ullrich von Bassewitz has announced that version 2.13.0 of the popular cc65 cross-development package has been released. cc65 features a macro assembler, linker, C compiler and library manager for 65(C)02 based systems. Ullrich’s announcement is attached: I’m proud to announce version 2.13.0 of cc65. cc65 is a complete cross development package for 65(C)02 systems, including […]