Juiced.GS V14I4

Volume 14, Issue 4 (December 2009) of Juiced.GS, the last remaining Apple II publication in print, shipped today to all subscribers. This issue features interviews with five present-day Apple II hardware developers; reviews of Syndicomm’s APDA CD-ROM products, the book Twisty Little Passages, and the movie Welcome to Macintosh; an introduction to structured programming in Applesoft BASIC; and much, much more!

This is Juiced.GS‘s fourth quarterly issue of 2009. The entire 2009 volume is now available as a bundle; 2010 subscriptions are available for $19 for United States customers and $26 for international customers.

Editor & publisher of Juiced.GS, the Apple II community's longest-running print publication dedicated to the Apple II; co-host of the Star Trek podcast Transporter Lock; digital nomad at Roadbits.