Mike Willegal wrote in to update us on several of his hardware projects:

Hi Sean,

An update on my A1 and AII project efforts that may be of interest. First is the bad news. I’m planning on raising the price on the base A2 rev 0 replica kits by $50 to $400 as of Feb 1st, 2010.

I’m also developing an Apple 1 kit with a PCB that is a close clone of an original Apple 1 PCB (along the lines of the Obtronix). Tentative pricing for the kit is $666.66. I’m hoping that the initial lot of kits be ready to go as soon as late January. At some point I should also be able to provide hard to find parts and parts kits for Obtronix PCB owners, but haven’t determined prices. I’m currently adding the names of folks interested in obtaining A1 kits to a waiting list (no deposit required). A web page and forum based blog can be found at http://www.willegal.net/appleii/apple1.htm

I also plan on building a batch of PS2 keyboard to ASCII keyboard interface converters soon after the A1 kits are ready. This will provide an alternative to using ASCII keyboards for the Apple 1 (or II).

Unfortunately my Disk ][ to modern PC efforts are on hold until the A1 kit and keyboard interface projects are finished. I’m likely to significantly revise and improve the USB interface before proceeding with that project, so the break in progress is probably for the better.

Mike Willegal

Mike, your Apple 1 project looks awesome. Good luck with it… and you know I want one, right? ?