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ProTERM v3.1 reclassified as Freeware

After a nearly 23 year run as the premier Apple II Communications package and after collecting accolades, including two Awards of Excellence for the “Best Apple II Software”, of which ProTERM won this award twice and no other Apple II software ever took the trophy, and the best now gets even better! Starting with the […]

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WASP, Windows-based Applesoft program editor released

FishWings author Charlie Danemark has released WASP, a Windows-based Applesoft editor. Charlie’s posting made on comp.sys.apple2.programmer is attached: I’ve written a program (WASP) that you can download if you are interested. It is a Windows based Applesoft BASIC programmer (editor, IDE, whatever you want to call it) that works in conjunction with AppleWin. It is […]

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Lost Classics Project gets new home

Tony Diaz informed A2Central that he is in the process of resurrecting the (ironically lost) Lost Classics Project, and will be adding its content to the Apple II Online Reference ( site. This is a developing story, and updates are imminent. Update #1 “I’ve got the core of the site installed, I’m working on content […]